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Raicons Den

The Desk of Raicon

G'day champs, Raicon here! Welcome to my desk, the place I mainly hang out and interact with you. Plus here you will find announcements, special offers and couple promotional codes. Theres also a chance below to talk with me and interact.

Don't forget to follow me, Raicon the grooviest fox on all social media accounts below.  

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Raicon's Desk

Summer is now ramping up to a hot one. Snaggers are on the barby, flip flop sandals are out in force with boardies and im sitting inside on my new Playstation5, enjoying the aircon. You see, us foxes arent keen on the heat. Could you imagine being out with a full thick coat of fur, it might be pretty but sure aint comfy or cool. 

Covid has been disastrous for all this year, so I'm grateful I can head down to Nannup and Pemberton to catchup with my folks, family and mates. 

If you have any feedback you would like me to address or pass on, feel free to hit me up on the link below. Il promise to reply within 24hrs, before or after chasing the rabbits.

Thanks to all your requests and fan mail, a day never goes by without reading something interesting or amusing.

Merry Christmas to my little foxes out there and the big foxes. Stay safe and hope Santa brings you tonnes of goodies. 

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Questions of The Month

Q- Hi Raicon, do you have a coloring in pack my daddy can buy for me. Love you.

Amanda Jameson (California USA)

Reply- Hey little fox, I don't have a pack available yet, but the crew and I are working on this. We do have a cool section which has a few colouring in pages and activities. I think you might be excited to see this. Grab your mum and dad and tell them to download them and get those pencils working. Don't forget to have some fun and keep smiling my little fox. Love ya too buddy, Raicon.

Q - Raicon, others do free postage, why doesn't Fancaps do the same?

Craig Johnas (Quensland AUS)

Reply - Hey Champ, glad you asked. So others may not charge postage and deliver for free, but notice the price difference? Its a cheeky way to let people know we are cheap, but if you look closely you will find they've increased their prices on the product to add postage or recover from such fees. Champ, we don't do this. It's an old trick in the book and quite missleading. One of my jobs is to look out and make sure Fancaps delivers on price. Reminds me of the days I was scouting and sitting on the hills at Nannup and looking down to the sheeps grazing, always had to look out for the competition and ensure I remained at the top. Cheers champ for the question and use this code for a discount in the cart " fifo " .