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Our Mascot Raicon


Raicon is the official mascot of Fancaps, joining the team as our beloved and treasured foxy mascot. Raicon has put up his boots for the smell of eucalyptus leaves, rainy nights and hot barmy nights to join Fancaps family. We are proud to have Raicon on board.

Our groovy mascot who is known as Raicon Fox, comes from the dense deep woods of down south of Western Australia among the huge towering Karri Trees, where he called home for many years. Raicon has one awesome explosively funny personality dressed with a little attitude to add some character. He tires us out most of the time with his cracker jokes and one liners. 

During the day he can be found in between mascot duties and with his feet up resting in his office sometimes comatised from deep sleep. At night, he simply has more energy than a kid on the night of Christmas Eve. But don't let Raicon fool you, he's one fox who is on the money and simply always alert and ready to give it back. 

Below you will find some interesting facts on Raicon, what he does in his spare time along with general facts.

Raicons Bio



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So Raicon what's the most common question you get asked?
Well, everyone asks me if I was born in Australia, where to that I say, damn right I was, right here in the southwest of Perth karri forest where the temperatures are ideal for cosy nights, which suits me as I love a good sleep. 

Does Fancaps ship worldwide?
We sure do! We get asked this question every day.

Do you do Mascot appearances?
Not yet, but we are looking at this in the near future, so I can get out amongst and explore Perth and Australia.

What sports do you watch?
That's easy, I love a good hitting session of the wooden bat, the bat smells like my home in the Karri Forest and brings back memories of subtle notes of eucalyptus leaves and karri bark. So it's Baseball offcourse.

Is there a Mrs Fox?
After trying for years to bring in the perfect foxy vixen, I think I might have missed my opportunity. Hmm, are you interested in the Fox!

Do you listen to music and whats your favourite artist?
I love nothing more to chill with my dre beats headphones listening to Nickelback and Ice Cube whilst I down a nice icey cold coke. Happy Days!

Do you have merchandise we can buy?
Yes I'm heading the crew to bring you some cool stuff, should be available soon.

Are you nocturnal, sleeping all day?
Well we primarily are classed as nocturnal, but the light and the stars don't effect me nor has it really bothered my family. Still active during the day, but we use the day to kind of relax before we head out where especially me, I'm more active than a kid on Christmas Day.